The Advice Of Male Diners When The Waitress is Red.

Researchers say that men gave up to 26 percent the waitresses in red, but the color did not affect the clients.

Researchers have found that red-clad waitresses receive more advice from their male clients, noting that the red color has increased women’s physical and sexual attractiveness for men.

During the study, researchers Nicholas Gijuin and Celine Jacob of the University of Britain in France instructed 11 waitresses in five restaurants to wear a six-color shirt for six weeks.

On any given day, the women wore a black, white, red, blue, green or yellow shirt. The waitresses were told to behave normally and to record the amount they received in the tips of each client.

After recording the advice of 272 restaurant patrons, the researchers found that in all areas, men gave better advice than women. They also found that men gave between 14 and 26 percent more to waitresses dressed in red. However, the color maids they brought had no effect on the advice left by the clients.

The researchers concluded in the bulletin that the results indicate that when it comes to women who choose what to wear, “because the color red does not have a negative impact on the clients, it could be of interest to wear red clothes at work.”

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