Study: Breakfast Is Not The Key To Losing Weight After All

Keto Ignite For years, you may have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day if you are trying to maintain a healthy weight. But new research suggests that this is not true.

The study found that eating a heavy breakfast does not help people eat late in the day, and ends up eating those who eat more calories every day.

“We should not change the diet to include breakfast to lose weight, do what suits you,” said the main critic Flavia Chototini. She is the head of the musculoskeletal unit at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

“The evidence is that breakfast tends to add to a person’s total calories and overall weight gain,” Sikotini said.

But he also pointed out that there was not a single solution for breakfast. Some people love breakfast and others do not.

Alkatone Keto The results of the study were published online on January 30 in BMJ.

Tim Spector, author of an editorial in the magazine, agreed on whether or not breakfast should be based on personal preferences.

“Everyone has a unique metabolic process, a set of genes and microbes in the intestines very different, and he will interact with different foods,” said Spector, who eats breakfast, “Do not take standard instructions like the Bible.” Try [what is best for your body. ”

Previous studies have suggested that eating breakfast will lead to a healthy weight. But both Cicuttini and Spector pointed out that most of the previous investigations were monitored. Spector noted that some of these investigations were “biased and negative.”

Vexgen Keto For the new study, the researchers analyzed 13 randomized controlled trials in the last three decades. The studies were mainly from the United States or the United Kingdom.

The participants had different weights and some of them ate breakfast regularly, while others did not. Studies have monitored people for less than a day or up to 16 weeks.

The study found that people who ate breakfast ended up eating around 260 more calories a day. The people who skipped breakfast were lighter than those who ate breakfast.

Keto Rapid Max The review also found no significant differences in metabolic rates between breakfast riders and those who eat breakfast.

Although the authors noted some discrepancies and variable quality in the studies included in the review, they said that breakfast was not a useful strategy for losing weight.

According to Cicuttini, “the main message is that if a person likes to have breakfast, that’s fine, but there’s no evidence that we should encourage people to change their eating style to include breakfast to prevent overweight or obesity.”

“Perhaps for those who oppose breakfast, this review ensures that not having breakfast can ruin weight loss, but if you are hungry this morning,” said Dana White, a registered physician at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut. I will not tell you to ignore it either. “

White told people who exercise in the morning, it can be hard to skip breakfast. But as at other times of the day, she suggested “eating when you’re hungry and eating moderate portions of food.”

Although skipping breakfast may not be a bad meal, photographs are often taken, although it is likely that eating the first meal in the morning is not a nutritional remedy, White noted.

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