GPS Condoms Protectors Allow You to Share or Your Sex Life

To promote and normalize the use of condoms, the Family Planning Organization distributes condoms condensed by QR and encourages people to inform the world when they use it.

In an attempt to be a big part of public health marketing, or a sign that the synergistic phenomena of social networks and the tendency of Americans to participate in excess have reached satisfactory levels, Planned Parenthood in the Great Northwest (PPGNW) has given QR condoms that allow For users to scan at the site where they have safe sex, then upload the details about the mentioned gender to a new website, as well as to Facebook and Twitter.

The declared objective of the “Where I Rebelled” campaign for the organization is to show that “sex is happening”. More importantly, safe sex happens! “PPGNW explains on their website and shows that the group has launched, a new website that describes it as” Foursquare for people who do not want to have a sexually transmitted infection. “

The idea is that once you have done the act, surely, of course, you will register by scanning the QR code of your condom device to inform the world. Those who do not have private condoms can enter the event by entering and entering the details of their adventures manually.

The site asks about the location of safe sex practitioners, where they have sex (for example, bedroom, kitchen, wonderful outdoor areas), social situation, why use condoms? And how was the quality of sex (ranging from “stun, plow the rainbow and mountains fluttered” to “things can only improve from here”). Your name or address is not requested and information is not collected. Records came from all 50 states and from far-flung countries such as Romania, Egypt and China, and an adventurous couple apparently registered from the Black Sea.

Obviously, PPGNW is trying to enjoy some fun while sending a serious message (“it says fucking and thought to help normalize the use of condoms”, he says), some have wondered if the campaign has already started using social networks to boast of anonymous sexual conquests. However, given the known efficacy of condoms in contraception and sexually transmitted diseases, when used correctly, it is difficult to argue any attempt to increase their use.

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