Do You Want To Live Longer? Eating Less Can Be The Key

Teal Farms Keto A preliminary study suggests that putting a little less dishes each day may be the key to a longer life.

People who have reduced their calorie intake by only 15 percent for two years have seen a marked reduction in metabolism, according to a small clinical trial.

They also saw improvements in the vital indicators associated with slow aging and a longer life, said lead author Lian Redman. She is an Associate Professor of Clinical Science at the Bennington University of Biomedical Research in Baton Rouge, LA.

Specifically, the researchers said they had developed a lower temperature for the main body, lower blood sugar levels, insulin levels and significant disruptions in hormones that contributed to moderate metabolism.

“We know that these things are less in people who live longer,” Redman said.

Studies on aging in animals have linked fewer calories with a longer life, but this is the first clinical trial to close the gap between animals and humans, said Rosaleen Anderson, an expert with the American Aging Research Association, which reviewed the findings teal farms keto pills

“A lot of what they write is consistent with what we’ve seen in our studies with monkeys,” said Anderson, an associate professor of aging and caloric restriction at the School of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Wisconsin.

“We have a coincidence between monkeys and humans, and that’s very good, it’s really a gap that needs to be closed in terms of ancient biology,” he said.

In this experiment, Redman recruited 34 healthy people at the age of 40 to follow a calorie-restricted diet for two years. teal farms keto diet

Redman said the researchers taught participants how to reduce 25 percent of their daily caloric intake by using three different models of a healthy diet. The participants were free to follow their diet by any means they chose.

“They have achieved, on their own, a 15 percent reduction in the calories that have been maintained over the past two years, and that’s very good,” Redman said.

On average, the group lost about 20 pounds, mainly in the first year, although half of them entered the study with a normal weight and the rest was just a little more, Redman said.

Redman said the tests showed changes in metabolic and bodily processes that reflect animals and people with longer lifespans. Participants also had a significant reduction in oxidative stress related to decreased metabolism.

According to the researchers, this supports the controversial theories that relate elevated metabolism and increased oxidative stress with aging.

“When we produce energy, we have byproducts of the metabolic process, and we accumulate these byproducts called oxygen roots in the body and we cause damage to cells and tissues,” said Redman. This can damage the cells in younger age and contribute to diseases such as cancer.

Anderson is not sure that this is the best explanation.

He noted that laboratory studies in mice showed that damage caused by oxidative stress had no effect on total life.

Anderson believes that eating fewer calories makes the body use energy more efficiently, which in turn generates benefits for aging in some way.

“We know, for example, that there is a very close relationship that we do not understand between fasting and flexibility: the ability to fight anguish,” Anderson said.

“People who want to try to eat less in an effort to live longer should focus on serving size with a healthy, balanced diet,” Redman said.

Redman said they should aim to reduce calories by 25 percent, realizing that they may not be below target. They should not be discouraged if they do not lose weight in the long term.

“The goal is not to lose weight, the goal is to make that drop decrease less,” said Redman.

Anderson suspects that such a pattern of food may continue.

“I never recommend anyone to do a calorie restriction,” Anderson said. “I think it’s very difficult, and the reason we see it is to understand aging, not because we want someone to do it, and people can not even reduce their calories to normal foods.” CLA Extract

Its restriction of calories provides a window into the aging process, as it slows down aging in animals. Through this, researchers hope to have an idea of ​​how aging occurs so they can process these processes through better means than a severely restricted diet.

“We want to see what these critical points are and we can get to them in a different way,” Anderson said. Maxwell Keto

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